Very large
opening up to 45 m
as standard

safety devices

Resistant to
very high
wind loads

Hoist Up Door

Heiden Systems is dealer of hoist up doors and can arrange installation, maintenance and after sales. The hoist-up doors consist of horizontal aluminium or steel profiles on which polyester fabric has been stretched on the inside and the outside. The horizontal profiles are guided in vertical rails, and are 100-1200 mm thick, depending on the door type and wind impact.

The mega large hoist up doors can be sized up to 45 metres width and height as a standard version and available in various colours. Polyester hoisting belts are linked to the crush-down protection. The stainless steel hoist protection is activated and checked on each opening and closing movement. The crush-down protection ensures that a closed door cannot be lifted manually (break-in).

Mega mock door for shipyard
Mega mock door for aviation 



  • Reinforced polyester fabric (weight 900 g/m²).
  • Withstands temperatures from +70°C to -35ºC.
  • Flame-extinguishing in accordance with DIN 4102, B1/ SIS 650082, BS 5438.
  • Tear resistance according to DIN 53356.
  • Material is UV resistant and rot-proof.
  • Noise reduction: 18 Db – 27 Db, depending on model.
  • Wind impact 120 Km/h to 250 km/h (0.7 KN/m2 - 3 Kn/m2), depending on model/version.
  • Aluminium guide rails with brush profile for optimum sealing.
  • Options are windows included in canvas, a translucent version, a special version for high-pressure jetting cabins and metal spraying plants and removal of central partitions.